So, what's with the name then?

It stands for the Enlightenment THEmers Replacement Documentation (Dox).

Bit of a mouthfull isn't it?

Yeah, but y'know, We wanted to use the word "Dox" in there and one thing led to another...

Replacement? What happened to the original documentation?

There used to be HOWTOs up at but the server got hacked and the admins decided to re-write the code for the site. A while later the site was re-launched but a lot of the files from the original server were never uploaded. The new site never really got going again and was relocated to its current home Freshmeat. The documentation was never seen again.

*Sniff* That's so sad...

Yeah but thats why we're here, bringing order to chaos, upholding truth and beauty and...



Who's involved in this quest for justice then?

Basically anybody who feels they've something to contribute.

Could you be any more vague?

No, really. anyone who feels they can add to what's already here is welcome. If somethings already covered that shouldn't put you off because you might be able to phrase something in a way that some may find easier to understand.

Great. So what format should I send it in as?

A formatted text file or HTML file is fine. Even a Word document is ok if that's all you have at your disposal. The only thing that would be handy is if you could mark it up using <p>, <code>, <b> and a few others. If in doubt just download one of the tutorials and use it as a template

What if I don't know any HTML?

Then a text file will do and we'll mark it up. The important thing is to make what you know available to people.

Word documents eh?

We promise no to laugh. Even we use windows.

This "copyright" business...whats it all about?

Each tutorial, article, whatever belongs to each author. Want to use it on your site or in another format? ask them. They're nice people. Use it without permission and they'll soak you in a warm bath for a few hours and skin you alive. Other than that they're nice people.

Ah. OK.

No problem.

Hang on! We're talking DR16 here. Isn't DR17 just around the corner?

The development team have been working hard on DR17 but it's nowhere near usable. DR16 is going to be with us for a while longer yet. DR16.7.1 has just been released and is hailed as the the most important Enlightenment release since DR16.5 over 3 years ago

Will you cover Enlightenmemt configs like keybindings etc?

Possibly, but unless it's theme related we can't see how it would fit in.

And you do all this for nothing?

We do it all for love. We're needy people here.

Can I have your babies?

Yeah...go on then.