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Welcome to the Enlightenment Theming Documentation. In the tutorials that follow, you will learn what it takes to write an enlightenment theme, the files involved, and how to write the configuration files. Writing an enlightenment theme is not easy, by any standard. There are usually large amounts of images involved, and the configuration files can become very complicated and confusing. The goal of these tutorials is to provide you with a basic understanding of these configuration files and how they relate to each other. Once you have completed the tutorials, the advanced chapters cover writing a theme in a much more in-depth manner. You will cover advanced topics like the definitions and keybindings files, preproccessor directives, and much more. By the time your finnished with the advanced topics, you will be an elite Enlightenment themer.

The Tips and Tricks chapter will cover simple tricks you as a themer can employ when writing a theme. These should help you achieve the look, feel, and functionality your targeting while creating your theme. It will also contain tips on making graphics for use in your themes, using color-modifiers efficiently, and more. This chapter will continually grow as I learn more about writing themes for Enlightenment.